Jaw Surgery and Jaw Fracture Patients

If your teeth are wired together, keep a wire cutter with you at all times. Wires may need to be cut in the event of an airway emergency.

Brush all teeth thoroughly 2-3 times per day. You may use diluted mouthwash (50% with water) to help clean your mouth and freshen your breath if desired.

Vaseline or lip balm may be used to moisten your lips.

Weight loss of 5-10 pounds is expected. Keep a daily record of your weight.

Do not lift objects weighing 10 pounds or more unless otherwise advised by your surgeon.

Avoid contact sports and rigorous physical activity unless otherwise advised by your surgeon.

When yawning, press your tongue to the roof of your mouth and/or support your chin with your hand.

If irritation to the cheek occurs, apply wax to the wires.

Maintain a soft, no chew diet (liquids or thin pureed foods). Eat a minimum of 6 small meals per day. Examples include: juices, malts, yogurt, and thinned puddings. You may eat foods you would normally eat pureed in a blender by adding extra liquid such as milk, water, or juice as needed. You may add dietary supplements such as Sustacal, Ensure, and Carnation Instant Breakfast drinks, not as substitutes but as supplements taken 2-3 times a day.